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Michael Garcia, Admissions Director


nex+Gen Academy Admissions Policy

Nex+Gen Academy is an APS school of choice with a rigorous program unique from traditional high schools. Admission to Nex+Gen Academy is open to all students on a nondiscriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, national origin, creed, gender, ethnicity, disability or academic achievement, in accordance with the admission policy outlined below. Nex+Gen Academy is nonsectarian and does not charge tuition.

Nex+Gen Academy is a specialized project-based learning environment that engages student in learning through the integration of technology in solving real-world problems. Our admissions policy is non-selective, but designed to assure that students and parents are fully informed about the academic expectations, unique culture of our school and our ability to meet your student’s needs.

  • All parents or guardians and their student attend an Admissions Event at Nex+Gen Academy to receive an application packet. The Admission Event is an overview of our school and teaching pedagogy. Attendance at one of these monthly events is a requirement of admission. The application packet includes:
    • Student Application Form
    • Commitment and Agreement form signed by student and parent
    • Technology Policy signed by student and parent
    • Request for school records signed by parent
    • Academic Credit Recovery Expectation signed by student and parent
    • Two teacher recommendation forms
    • Personal Essay Form
    • Additionally, a transcript or report card will need to be provided
  • Student applicants and parent or guardian complete the application packet. Forms can be mailed or dropped off at nex+Gen Academy 5325 Montgomery NE, 87109. Only complete packets will be accepted.
  • Should the application raise questions about the ability of nex+Gen to meet the student’s needs, an appointment with a member of the admissions team may be required to address any areas of concern.
  • Students applying for admission to grades 10-12 should meet with a counselor prior to submitting their application to review the transcript and address any potential impact to graduation caused by differences in course taking patterns between nex+Gen Academy and traditional high schools.
  • 105 incoming freshmen will be selected by lottery in February 2018 and notified by March 10, 2018 of their acceptance. Applicants who have a sibling currently attending nex+Gen Academy will be exempted from the lottery process. The lottery will be a random drawing from applicant pool to fill available spots. Should the first lottery window fail to fill all available spots, a second lottery will be announced and additional applications will be accepted. Students not accepted through the lottery, will be placed on a wait list. Names will be drawn from the wait list if spots should become available.
  • Letters of intent to attend are due by April 15th. Students who decline enrollment, will be removed from the lottery process. Once accepted, any student wishing to enroll at their home school may do so only after notifying nex+Gen Academy of their intention.
  • Enrollment numbers are capped by grade level:
    • 9th Grade: 105
    • 10th Grade: 95
    • 11th Grade: 85
    • 12th Grade: 75