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Picture Day!


Assignment Policy

     Most all of the events and activities covered in the yearbook do not happen during class time, which means most of the work is considered “homework” – work done outside of class.  That “homework” consists of interviews, writing copy/captions, taking photographs, gathering information, and marketing.  The entire publication is dependent on each student completing each task to the level of near perfection on an inflexible and tight schedule, there is absolutely no room for average effort.  Weekly deadlines and plant (Josten’s) deadlines will not be missed.   If your work is not done on time or it is below the highest level of quality, someone else will have to do your work, in addition to his/her work.  Late work will receive lower grade and incomplete work will receive a zero.  No make up work will be accepted if deadlines are missed.


Course Overview

     Students learn layout design, copy writing, desktop publishing, time management skills in the creation, production, publication, and distribution of the yearbook. 

Description and Expectations

      Creating the school's yearbook is a monumental responsibility.  The firs will be purchased by most students and will provide students lasting memories of the school year.  It is a privilege to be a staff member - making the decisions about what to include, how to represent, and when and how to market the yearbook.   Yearbook staff students are considered role models.  Being a yearbook staff member provides students with desktop publishing, production, time management and marketing skills that will enhance employability throughout life.  Class time is not always structured.  The focus is on individual work and projects.  This means students must be self-driven to complete work/projects on time and with a high level of quality.

How do we publish the nex+Gen Academy Yearbook?

1.High expectations of student achievement

  1. NM State Standards/National Standards
  2. Organization/Discipline/Time on task/Leadership
  3. Principles & Elements of Art—Design Practices through Technology

-Layout Design (on-line files)

-Photoshop Design, Word/Publisher, Paint, Prezi, Sketchbook Pro

    d.   Process—Use of active learning techniques

2.Course methods and routines that are clear to the teacher and students

  1. Rubrics-Teacher, Student, Group Assessed
  2. Notebook Handouts
  3. Progress Assessments-Student/Teacher timely feedback
  4. Technology & Literacy Strategies-Journalism Practice

3.Varied and appropriate teaching methods and materials

  1. Project Based Learning
  2. Cooperation Based
  3. Cultural & Historical
  4. Student Interest
  5. Community/Current Events

4.Enthusiasm, energy, caring, and maintenance of non-threatening atmosphere

  1. Discipline Policy/Classroom & School Rules
  2. Develop & Encourage Cooperation
  3. Character Counts-Respect diverse talents and ways of learning
  4. Positive Reinforcement of Progress

5.Production-Final Goal

  1. Students are their own products—Critical Thinkers/Problem Solvers
  2. Students continue to expand their interests—Self-Starters
  3. Students have continuous improvement and help others to do the same—Initiative
  4. Students are developing character—Perseverance and Integrity
  •    -Progress Reports/Communication Folders


                        -Community Service Projects

                        -Check Agendas

                        -Cameras: 5 Quality Photographs due each week/share each Friday.

Outside of class responsibility:

      --Flash Drive

      -: attend and cover at least 2 before/after-school events (written and photographed)

*Students who are in Yearbook have been chosen as leaders of the school.  Each student is given a “Press Pass” to allow privileges that are not extended to all students.  Yearbook Staff member is expected to act appropriately, follow all school rules and represent the school in a positive manner throughout the year when participating in any school event.  Students who do not practice positive leadership or choose not to follow these policies will lose Yearbook privileges with possibility of being removed from class.



Who's in the Yearbook?

Evaluation and Grading

 Each week the staff agrees on coverage of academic, sports, clubs and/or other events and trends.  Each student will note his/her weekly assignment in his/her agenda.  Students will complete the task assigned by completing that coverage on the spread.  Weekly grades will be earned based on completion of this sheet and its contents as well as weekly photographs.  Other grades will include quizzes, information gathering activities, set up and distribution of the yearbooks.  Since some grading periods are packed with assignments and others are not, the grade will accumulate throughout the semester. 

Smile you are in the yearbook!


Real skills for the real world.

Life Skills: Communication, Leadership skills, Time management, Project management, Problem solving, Writing, Photography, Team building, Conflict resolution, Public speaking

Journalism Skills: Concept brainstorming, Reporting, Researching, Editing, Photo editing, Graphic arts, Public relations, Media law, Design & Layout

Business Skills: Budget planning, Promotion $ advertising, Marketing, Selling, Customer relations, Market research

Technology Skills:  Business software applications, Desktop Publishing, Photo-editing software applications, Online design, Online research