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College Information

Admission requirements vary widely among colleges and universities; consequently, students and their parents are urged to research entrance requirements for specific institutions. For example, some universities require a fine arts credit for admission; some colleges and universities calculate grade point average (GPA) for core courses only.

Your counselor is an awesome resource for college information.  Students and parents are encouraged to contact them and review the site for more information.

College Prep Programs

Subject areas




English or Honors/Advanced Placement



  • Algebra I or Honors Algebra I
  • Geometry or Honors Geometry
  • Algebra II or Honors Algebra II
  • A fourth credit of math


Social Studies

  • US History and Geography or AP US History
  • World History and Geography or AP World History
  • Economics or AP Microeconomics or Macroeconomic 
  • Government or AP US Government and Politics
  • An additional elective



  • Biology or AP Biology
  • Chemistry or AP Chemistry
  • Physics or AP Physics


Language (Modern, Classical, or Native)

Most colleges require the same language


IMPORTANT NOTE:  New Mexico postsecondary institutions have different criteria for accessing this scholarship money(different admission deadlines for receiving these awards, semesters in which these awards can be used, exams that must be taken prior to receiving the awards, financial aide applications that must be completed prior to receiving the awards etc.). Students should check with the post-secondary institution to which they are applying for scholarship criteria.

First Semester Scholarship

Students have an opportunity to earn a first-semester scholarship to New Mexico public post-secondary institutions of higher education.  Post-secondary schools have different titles for this first-semester scholarship (e.g., Bridge Scholarship, NM Lottery Success Scholarship, NM Legislative Lottery Scholarship).

To earn this scholarship, students must:

  • be a New Mexico high school graduate
  • have a high school GPA as determined by the post-secondary institution
  • be a New Mexico resident
  • complete admission requirements and be admitted to a New Mexico public post-secondary institution of higher education and
  • enroll in a degree-granting program with at least 12 credit hours

Lottery Scholarship

The New Mexico State Lottery Scholarship is a tuition scholarship for New Mexico high school graduates attending a New Mexico public post-secondary institution of higher education.  The scholarship covers tuition (not including fees).  It is available for up to 8 consecutive semesters or until the student graduates, whichever comes first.  Only 4 semesters may be used at a two-year institution.  In order to qualify for the Lottery Scholarship you must (at minimum):

  • be a New Mexico high school graduate
  • be a New Mexico resident
  • have had full-time enrollment (minimum of 12 credit hours-Fall/Spring) at an NM public post-secondary institution of higher education the semester immediately following graduation, and
  • maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and be enrolled for a minimum of 12 hours each semester, excluding summer

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requirements apply to students who plan to participate in athletics at the college level.  The NCAA develops the rules and guidelines for athletics eligibility and athletics competition for each of the three NCAA divisions: Division I, Division II, and Division III. 

One of the differences among the three divisions is that colleges and universities in Division I and II may offer athletic scholarships, while Division III colleges and universities may not. 

Students are responsible for adherence to NCAA course guidelines.  Athletes should consult with their school counselors for assistance.