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Grading Policies

Report cards with progress grades are issued every six (6) weeks.  A semester consists of three (3) 6-week grading periods.  Semester grades are posted on a student’s permanent record (transcript).  The final examination may count for no more than 20% of the final semester grade.  The grading scale is:



90% - 100%


80% - 89%


70% - 79%


60% - 69%


0% - 59%


Learning Outcomes

Students at nex+Gen are assessed based on their performance on four learning outcomes, which are defined in detail in the Rubric and Assessment section of the School Resource Library. The outcomes are:

Agency: This outcome measures how a student demonstrates strategies and habits that indicate a growth mindset and ownership of one's learning. Collaboration: This outcome measures how well students work together to solve problems and produce products. 5 - 20% of overall grade.

Collaboration: This outcome measures how learners positively and respectfully interact with peers and staff as they contribute to the success of the group and its goals. 5 - 20% of overall grade

Communication: This outcome measures how well a learner articulates thoughts, ideas, and emotions through written, spoken, and visual representations. 10 - 20% of overall grade

Inquiry and Analysis: This outcome measures how well learners explore, analyze, and make conclusions about ideas and information. 10 - 20% of overall grade

Course Content: This outcome measures how well a student is mastering the course content embedded in a project or activity. 40 - 60% of overall grade.

Credit is granted for successful completion of each class at the end of the semester.  Credits are granted with passing grades: A, B, C, or D.  Credit is not granted for grades of “F”, “I” (Incomplete) or “W/F” (withdrawal with the grade of F).  Course work must be completed by the end of the semester following the semester in which the “I” (Incomplete) is posted. If a grade is not assigned for the Incomplete within the next semester, a grade of F will be assigned. If a course is repeated, the higher grade will be recorded and computed in the student’s grade point average (GPA); however the F remains on the transcript.  Duplicate credit will not be granted for a course that is repeated.

Dual credit (courses taken at Central New Mexico Community College/University of New Mexico/Institute of American Indian Arts) grades are included on the transcript and calculated in the GPA.  It is a state requirement that dual credit grades be posted on the high school transcript.